At Cryogenic Tough, we can make your automotive parts, firearms, tools, sporting equipment, musical instruments, and many other metal components stronger, sharper, and longer lasting.

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Cryogenics treatments for metals

Who are we?

Cryogenic Tough is a Tucson, Arizona cryogenics company serving the southwest and beyond. We work with both businesses and individuals, small or large, that want to extend the life and enhance the performance of their parts, tools, equipment and more.

We value your business and offer straight-forward pricing with honest, friendly service. We can pickup and deliver to better serve your needs! Contact us today to find out how we can help you.

What does cryogenics do?

Cryogenics vastly improves the strength, stability, longevity, and sharpness of metals by rearranging the molecular structure. Using our advanced cryogenic process, your car parts will last longer and dissipate heat faster, cutting tools will hold a sharper edge longer, and gun barrels will have reduced stresses for increased accuracy and better durability.

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